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Total Security Night Vision Camera

Total Security Night Vision Camera

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Introducing a Stylish and Enticing Security Solution, Engineered to Safely Guard Your Home with Minimal Work and Maximum Value!


Rest easy knowing your property is under our Total Security Night Vision Camera's attentive watch. Stay secure around the clock with our advanced night vision capabilities, ensuring your safety and security at all times.


Smart Dual Light Source

Equipped with White LED and IR LED night vision lighting to monitor activity with ease. Get notifications and discreetly turn on lights for optimum visibility. A powerful tool in preventing criminal activity.

Auto Tracking Technology

The Night Vision Camera will continuously follow and track motion, capturing video of any moving objects, while simultaneously sending notifications to your smartphone.


Clear Two Way Audio

The camera is built with a microphone and speaker so you can talk to your kids or intruders via your Smartphone remotely whenever you want, wherever you are.




Effortless Playback Via SD Card- NO Monthly Subscription!! 

This camera offers loop & motion based recording which can be viewed conveniently on a mobile app from any location--no need to remove the SD card. Plus, no mandatory cloud storage subscription is necessary--it has an SD card slot for secure, physical recordings.  



Will it fit into my garage bulb base?

It fits any standard (E27) light bulb socket.

Does it have a light too?

Absolutely! It has a 4 bright LEDs, which are bright enough to light up a dark space.

What's included in the box?

1x E27 Socket, 1x Bulb Security Camera, 1x Instruction Manual. 

Do I need to delete the footage once the card is full?

Once the memory is full, it will overwrite itself. So, there's no need to manually delete anything. The app provides cloud storage at an extra cost but it's not a must. You can still watch live if you don't have an SD card, you just won't be able to save it.

Is there a monthly Subscription?

Only if you need to store your contents on the cloud. Otherwise,  just store it on your SD card for no monthly charges.

What's the largest memory card it takes?

You can use a card up-to 128GB.

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