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360 Pressurized Brace

360 Pressurized Brace

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 Is Knee Pain Holding You Back?

This 360 Pressurized Brace is here to give you a pep in your step, literally! With added mobility you can resume your favorite activities like hiking, biking, pickle ball, and more! Don't wait another day to get back to your favorite hobbies!


Experience relief and protection with 360 Pressurized Brace!

Bolster your knee joint's strength and support with a convenient solution that prevent further injuries and helps you heal safely. Get moving again with ease!

High Quality Fabric & Comfortable 

 Adaptable fit made with 68% Nylon Fabric & 32% Spandex, perfect for taking on any challenge! Elastic stretch won't budge, so no worries if your adrenaline is high - no itching or irritation either. Stay light and breezy for whatever comes your way!


3D Tech Design 

Premium, anti-slip double-stitched texture tech ensures mobility, comfort, and longevity. Go the distance with hours of continuous use. Two adjustable, high power bi-directional compression straps offer 360-degree safeguard for knees and patellas.

Protection & Performance

This brace accelerates the recovery of injured muscles, joints, and beyond with superior warmth, flexibility, and durability perfect for everyday use. Increase oxygenation of the blood to boost muscle performance to help you feel great.

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