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I Am Polished Skin Refining Glove

I Am Polished Skin Refining Glove

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Experience rejuvenating skin therapy with this Moroccan Exfoliating Glove!


This resurfacing glove is just what you need if you suffer from KP skin (or strawberry skin)! It will help give your skin a renewed radiance and boost circulation.


Benefit from the Moroccan Exfoliating Glove in various ways - from prepping for a spray tan to banishing an unwanted one!



This treatment is great for any skin type. Additional skin benefits include: Soft silky skin Unclog pores Reduce ingrown hair Improves circulation.


One size fits all!

Everyone looking for a luxurious and glowing complexion will love this product! Its adjustable wrist band securely fits the glove for ultimate performance.


Soft Viscose Fibers


Indulge in a gentle, yet effective, exfoliation with this 100% Viscose Fiber material. Perfect for all skin types, use it wet or dry for supple, radiant skin.


Choose your favorite color, or get all three!


Choose from a range of chic options - white, pink, or black - for your Moroccan Exfoliating Glove!

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