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I Am Abundance Money Challenge

I Am Abundance Money Challenge

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Ready to Start Saving for The NEW YEAR?

Saving Money Has Never Been This Satisfying!

Featuring the Budget Binder Book, managing finances and setting savings goals has never been more fun! Get one for yourself and one for your entire family to practice responsible budgeting. Reach your next fiscal year target, save money for special events, or make progress towards a car, vacation, or emergency fund with ease!

Saving $5,050 One Envelope At a Time!!!

📒Personalized cover name, A unique gift for yourself, family, friends.

Comes with an A5 size binder (9 inches tall X 7 inches wide), 1 laminated reusable tracker, pouches either labeled 1-100 for the most exciting way to save $5,050


Help Your Family Learn About Money!!!

🤑This is an amazing opportunity for the family to join forces to save, as well as a terrific way to instruct kids about the value of saving! Savings challenges are a delightful and stimulating resource to help you gain financial control!




Moolah Mentality! (Cultivate a cash-centric attitude today!)

Emergency Fund Building: The binder can be a step toward building an emergency fund, as you can start with a small goal and expand it over time.

Reducing Impulse Spending: By having a designated savings plan, you may be less likely to spend money impulsively since you're actively working toward a goal.

Financial Awareness: It promotes awareness of your financial situation and encourages you to make saving a priority.

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